I have known Robert Shawyer for the past three years. In that time I have seen someone who cares deeply about the organization, has a commitment to excellence in his endeavours, and truly wants to know and work with all members of the OBA. I believe he has all the characteristics of a leader and wholeheartedly support his candidacy for 2nd VP.

— Jon Richardson
Augustine Bater Binks

Robert Shawyer has my vote for 2nd Vice-President of the OBA—and not only because we share a first name. A thoughtful innovator, I trust Robert to make decisions which prioritize the best interests of the OBA and its members.

— Bob Tarantino
Chair of Sections

“I have had the pleasure of serving on the OBA Board of Directors with Robert which has allowed me to experience the Shawyer factor first hand.  I have no doubt that Robert’s steadfast commitment to the OBA and its principals will make him an excellent President.”

— Eric C. Nanayakkara
Regional Director – Central South

I have had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know Robert in both a personal and professional capacity, in particular in my role as former Chair of the Young Lawyers Division (Cnetral), and as a member of the Institute Committee.

I have been impressed with Robert’s attention to detail, dedication to the OBA and his client’s, and his tireless and unrelenting work ethic. All of these are qualities that Robert has brought to the table on behalf of the OBA in his current role as Chair of Professional Development.

Our outstanding success at Institute in 2016 saw enrollment increase by 300 registrants, and even caused 3 new members to join the OBA. Robert will bring this experience to the role of 2nd VP of the OBA.

I am proud to support Robert 2nd VP of the OBA and wholeheartedly believe that he will work tirelessly to make sure the OBA continues to be bold, outstanding and advocating.

— Omar Ha-Redeye
OBA Council – Member from Toronto

“Robert is a dedicated OBAer! I have had the sincere pleasure of working with him on the CPD Committee for the past several years and have been witness to his depth of commitment, exuberance and fresh thinking. Robert has his finger on the pulse of the OBA’s member and I am certain will serve them proudly if elected.”

— Nancy Shapiro
Vice Chair – OBA PD Committee

Robert is an outstanding and committed leader in the OBA and would make an excellent President. As the Chair of the CPD Committee, Robert’s vision was critical in success of this year’s OBA Institute which had a dramatic increase in attendance and saw the creation of the Ottawa Hub.

— Paul Lomic
Co-Chair OBA Institute

As a former Treasurer of the OBA I have had many opportunities to work with Robert on various OBA Committees and to witness his dedication and passion for our Association. Robert has shown leadership for many years now and is dedicated to ensuring the well being and future of the OBA. Whether it has been a volunteer for numerous OBA Committees, or in his current role as the Chair of Professional Development for the OBA, or his work on behalf of the OBA, Robert has demonstrated that he has the capability and leadership qualities the OBA needs. That is why I encourage you to support Robert Shawyer for OBA 2nd VP!

— Doug Downey
OBA Chair of Policy & Public Affairs

I have worked with Rob at the OBA for years, and in that time I have had the pleasure of witnessing his impressive track record of dedicated volunteer work for the organization. Rob continues to give of his time selflessly to help his colleagues and to spearhead effective reform where it is needed. Rob’s generosity, creativity and hard working attitude would make an excellent representative of the profession!

— Aaron Grinhaus
OBA Council – Toronto Region
Former OBA Section Chair

I support Robert’s candidacy for 2nd V.P.  I met Robert through the OBA several years ago.  He was an active volunteer then and largely because of his energy and encouragement, I became much more active in the organization.  Robert has become a friend and someone I trust.  I know that Robert believes in the OBA and has a vision that will encourage lawyers to become or remain members and to support the work of those who volunteer their time.

— Kathleen Robichaud
Chair, Sole Small Firm General Practice Section, OBA
Chair, OBA Pro Bono Subcommittee

I am pleased to support Robert Shawyer as the next 2nd Vice-President. His dedication and drive are without bounds as many have observed. In the 10 years have known Robert, I have been impressed with his organisational skills and ability to communicate.  The future of the OBA will be well served with Robert as 2 VP.

— Glenn EJ Sandberg
OBA Regional Director – Northeast